Week One: Team Building and Research

Groundswell Community Mural Project and Day One have come together to BREAK the silence.  There’s too much violence between intimate partners going on.  Many are ignoring it, but people like us are determined to help these individuals.  It’s a project in which reality and art come together to demonstrate what a healthy and unhealthy relationships is, along with resources that can help.  –Michelle Lopez

Day One is a organization that helps out youth under 24 that experience abusive relationships. They offer free counseling, educational workshops, legal services, and help figure out a exit strategy and obtain orders of protection. You don’t need a parent to talk to them. They have a hotline for you to anonymously call and talk to a counselor. They are a good trustworthy resource to help you or someone close to you to get out of a abusive relationship. They can help you through the steps to get a order of protection. —Tichina and Rebecca 17

Sara poses for the group to draw from.

We started group poses to draw from.

We acted out tableus of abusive dynamics, such as isolation.

We had a really productive first week!  We drew ourselves as cartoon characters and super-heroines and practiced figure drawing using one another as models.  We began discussing important concepts that pertain to intimate partner violence, including the 5 main types of abuse (financial, technological, physical, sexual and emotional/verbal).  We talked about consent and coercion, representations of intimate partner abuse in pop culture, concepts such as rape culture, heteronormativity, patriarchy and feminism.  Claudia of Day One came in and did a workshop on good communication, emphasizing active listening and the use of “I Statements”.  —–Tanya Linn Albrigtsen-Frable
I really liked the “Assert Yourself with I Statements” worksheet.  I think everybody should learn how to communicate that way.  Especially if you’re trying to build a healthy relationship.  —Casey

Rebecca's Cartoon Character

Casey's Cartoon Character

Emeli's cartoon character

Jonelle's cartoon character

Sara's cartoon character

Tichina's cartoon character


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