Week One: Researching and Developing the Message

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Some of the concepts we discussed were healthy/unhealthy/abusive relationships, warning signs, cycles of abuse, the different types of abuse, gender roles, and teen dating violence as a societal norm. We looked into what good relationships and what bad relationships are and learned about the difference between unhealthy and abusive relationships.  We discussed how teen dating violence is in the media and how it is become increasingly seen as normal nowadays. —Cherry Sompanya, 17

7/11  The important thing that I learned today is that the victim is never to blame.  —Dominique

Abuse happens in both heterosexual and queer relationships.  So what defines abuse? Well, there are different types of abuse.  So to start off I’m going to talk about physical abuse. Physical abuse breaks down into two categories: abuse of items like smashing your partner’s phone, and then there is actually  smashing your partner or just hitting them.
You know when you’re in an unhealthy relationship if you make up lies for your partner when he/she is abusive towards you. There are plenty of other things that make up an unhealthy relationship.  Now, when it comes to a healthy relationship you and your partner should trust each other.  For more info on this you could hit up Day One, but this is just my perspective. No one should be abused no matter what age, gender, religion, size, etc.  So just be safe,  love your life and get educated on healthy and unhealthy relationships. —Dakota

In the workshop today I experienced a lot of new things.  I think kids our age or older should be taught the different things that consist of a healthy or unhealthy relationship.  I think this because as us kids get older, we should know the right and wrong things.  I also learned how to be assertive when communicating with someone.  –Tachina

I now understand the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.  I realize some situations that cause an abusive relationship to occur.  A key factor is feeling pressured and controlled. –Emeli


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