Week Three: Community Partner Presentation

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On Tuesday, July 19th, representatives from Day One showed up around 10:30 am. This was our presentation day to Day one to show our progress in the last few weeks. They later on selected the top drafts we all created that they feel would work for our campaign. They all gave lots of helpful feedback and ideas to make this even better.  —Sandra Aghedo

On July 19 2010 one of Day One’s members, Claudia, held a small work shop based on the topic of “Wife Beaters”. As a group we explored the deep meaning of Wife Beater tank tops and asked ourselves this: why the name of this piece of clothing was okay and how has society normalized this name? Claudia proceeded to dig deeper into how Wife Beaters have become normalized by using the example “If I called sandals Child Molesters, then everyone would see it as a great offense and that it would NOT be okay, so why is it okay to name a tank top Wife Beater”?  We began designing our own wife beaters using positive messages.  What came out of this small project were loads of creativity and the strong will to change the definition of Wife Beaters entirely. —Saradyn Sanon


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