Week Four: Edelman Trip

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This week we took a trip to the company Edelman. They are a communications firm that also works with corp0rations to support social and environmental causes. We got a tour of their office and saw how a desk job could be an artistic environment, too.  The first thing you see when you walk in is a word cloud that was based on the words from “The medium is the Message”, a book by Marshall Mcluhan. They helped us brainstorm ways to get our project to reach our intended groups. We listed our topics, and explained what we knew about them. They helped us figure out a way to connect our projects together.  We learnd that a boiler plate is a paragraph or even a design on the bottom of a poster with the information that could connect all of our differently themed posters together. We also listed places were we all hang out at and places we could hang our posters up to reach our intended audience.

Rebecca 17


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