Week Four: Pitching to Day One

The Voices Her’d visionaries visited Day One so that they can give us feedback on the poster designs we did. Day One really loved the emotional/verbal abuse posters and thought that one of them should be made into a T-Shirt design. The T-Shirt designs they thought were really cool and we did a good job on them. They also loved the Good Lovin’ poster and thought it was really cute, but the vegetables and fruit should be made into monsters and robots because the fruit and vegetable theme was a little too young. The financial abuse poster was too gender specific. Day One thought that we shouldn’t show it in a gender specific way because it might look as if the the girl in the relationship is a “gold-digger” and the man in the relationship is the giver. So instead we drew out a silhouette of a person standing over another person holding a gift where the ribbons are tangled and attached to the smaller person below. This shows one of the definitions of financial abuse which is a form of mistreatment in which an abuser controls a victim’s economic means or may give their partner gifts and expect things like sex and obedience in return.  The technological poster was really good but just needed more realistic photos and details. The Sexual Abuse poster was a really difficult one because we didn’t want to make a poster that would trigger someone in a negative way. We used a first aid kit as a symbol of help, but they thought that it would be a good idea if we would possibly re-work the poster and put the items in a first aid kit as if it were Day One’s services. The Cycle Of Abuse poster was really good and they thought that the gears in the picture weren’t needed.  My thoughts on the feedback were Ok. I never really got criticized on my work before but it wasn’t a bad experience. I had the hardest topic to work on and I had to decide on what I could draw that wouldn’t trigger any one that has been sexually abused. I think the group took it well. It might have been a different experience for some people, but overall our group did a really good job. I really like working and writing on the blog. It helps build my writing skills which I can say are getting really good. -Tichinia,17

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