Week Five: Dakota meets with poet Anoushka Ratnarajah

One day after work, one of my supervisors suggested that I stay for a poetry workshop with one of her friends, so I did. Turns out it was once in a lifetime experience.  This wonderful poet Anoushka Ratharajah was hosting the workshop. We talked about our lives and poetry, as well as different types of poetry.   Together we read “Membrane” by Alexis de Veux and talked about it. We talked about our strengths and weaknesses and from that we did some poetry writing. We each wrote a piece and read them aloud.  I was really surprised to hear her say she was surpassed impressed, not exactly those words but you get what I’m saying.  Anyway, sadly I was the only person in the group to stay for it, but it was some good one-on-one time with this wonderful poet.   At the end of the workshop we exchanged emails and said our goodbyes.  After that I really felt good about my poetry, that I got a professional to take a look at it and really like it.  That moment really changed my life.

RED By Dakota storm Austin

Red and tears is all she can see as she lays on the tile, blue and cracked corners, cold and bitter as the taste of vinegar on a tongue. She sees footsteps and has fear she smells the sweet smell of one losing their mind. She copes with him, then he smiles and lowers himself to the tile, blue cracked and covered in the color red that came from the girl his hand rests on her hair long and silky. The sun reflects in the room as he apologizes to the weak girl. But they can see it all, it happened right in front of them, from the smashed mirrors to the pills on the floor, to the tears and pleads that were consistent the raised hand and the slippery soap. The words came crashing down on her, she cried then moments later she died. The headlines screamed why did she stay?  but its over now paper and ink can’t save the girl.


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