Week Five: Screenprinting at Hester Street Collaborative

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Yesterday the group visited the Hester Street Collaborative to do a workshop to learn about screen printing. The interns at Hester Street , Nicole and Tanya showed us the first steps to using a vacuum table. The vacuum table exposes the screen with an ultra violet light , which hardens the emulsion except for where the image is positive. This takes up to 3 minutes. Once that was done, Nicole showed us how to apply the emulsion onto the screen. Once you apply the emulsion on the screen, you have to wait an hour so it can dry thoroughly. Some of the interns had already prepared some screens for us so we just got to using the vacuum table to to expose the screens. Once we had a decent amount of screens exposed, we split into teams of 2 and started screen printing on newsprint for practice. We had to remember to flood the screens so the ink wouldn’t dry into the screen. We next moved to t-shirts where it got really exciting. We screen printed white ink on black shirts and black ink on white shirts with designs we made for our Anti-Wife-Beater workshop on August 13th. We washed the screens off and dried them and got prepared to leave. Voices Her’d had a really good time learning how to screen print. We all learned a lot and hope to do it again sometime soon   —Tichina


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