Week Five: Working on Our Final Drafts

This week, we worked on Photoshop and Illustrator to finalize our poster designs. We were able to scan our drawings and actually work on things that were both very easy and very hard. The hardest part about it was using the tools in the programs because we’re still learning the programs. — Gloryann and Dominique

Working on this poster was very difficult because I didn’t know how to work with the tools on photoshop and it was my first time working with digital art but now I’m getting used to it and not struggling anymore. There were days that I would find it easy to handle the tools and there were days that I just wanted to give up but I kept trying. The greatest thing about the poster was trying different colors and seeing which color was the best for the poster design. The main color I picked was blue and orange because I want the audience to know that emotional/verbal abuse is not healthy and can make their partner depressed. –GloryAnn

Each person on the team was assigned different tasks to complete. I drew the rocket with the banner attached, and my teammates drew their aliens and robots, each displaying different elements of good love like trust, good communication, and having fun together. Once our sketches were done, I scanned them into the computer and started working on the composition of the poster. After the layout was done, I added text to finally complete the first sketch of the Good Lovin’ poster.

– Casey


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