Anti-Wife-Beater ScreenPrinting Workshop!

On Saturday, August 13 we held an Anti-Wife-Beater screenprinting workshop where we invited the public to screenprint their own tanktops, t-shirts, and bags with the images we made. We set up six different screens, and a station for preparing the shirts. DayOne had their own table as well to share information about their organization and speak to the public about intimate partner abuse in teen relationships. People came in and showed support. They picked out t-shirts and went to the station of their choosing to get them screen printed.

The workshop was fun. We mixed several different inks, so we could have a wider selection of colors to work with. The public liked the fact that there were more colors to work with. People were nice and had lots of fun. Zipper, the communications designer who did a workshop with us, came by and participated in the workshop as well. All in all the workshop was very successful. — Shianti

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The first time that I tried screen printing was when I was at Groundswell. I enjoyed screen printing because it is fun to see how the designs are burned into the screen and to be able to create your own t-shirt using the design. Screen printing is also very messy because you need to use emulsion to be able to burn the screen and screen printing ink to be able to design your own t-shirt. Screen printing is something that I see myself doing in the future. -Emeli


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