My name is Tichinia.  I’m 17 years old and I love to have fun.  I have one sister and one brother.  I live with my grandmother and its a different experience.  When I was 14, my mother died of a heart attack and I’ve had a lot of support since then.  My family and many friends have helped me cope and it’s been going good.  I like to have fun and go out with friends and have a good time.  I love icecream to the fullest.  I’m really glad to be working at Groundswell.  It’s a new and different experienced and I’m ready to learn more interesting things.


August 11, 2011:

Being at Groundswell has been a really good experience. I gained a lot of things being here. When I first came to Groundswell I was really nervous to do the project and to meet new people. At the same time I was really excited but didn’t know what the experience would be like because this was my first year at Groundswell. While being at Groundswell, I learned about domestic violence and how Day One works. I learned new artistic skills and I also learned how to screen print which was a good experience as well. I learned about photography and about how light affect the camera. I gained a lot of new friendships and learned a lot about people’s likes and dislikes. I honestly thought that when I came here I was going to be very different, but when I came I fit right in. Since I’m dingy and goofy I thought the group wasn’t going to like me but, they did. I’m kind of sad that we only have 1 week left to do the project. I’m going to miss all the fun I had this summer at Groundswell especially doing the project. Tanya and Nicole… You two are the best artists in the whole wide world. Thanks for everything you taught me. It was a really good experience. I promise you will see me next year.

-Tichinia, 17


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